Online date goes well what to expect for date #2 on Monday?

So tonight I went on my first date well not really my first. After my breakup in April I wanted to try and see online dating is like. So after talking to this guy for a week. we went out for a drink. As he walked me to my apartment we kissed more than 5 min. I didn't want to turn it into a make out on the street. So after that we said our good byes and he asked to have dinner on Monday night. What if the kiss happens again? Do I wait after the next few dates see if I want to invite him to my apartment?


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  • You shouldn't invite him in until you are ready for some time under the sheets, because that is probably what will happen!


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  • If it happens again, it happens again, what's the confusion.

    Probably should wait, but up to you.

  • how fast did you get a first date?


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