Ladies you really like a guy but he made getting together difficult would you want him to make it right or would you rather move on?

my friend tried to date me but i was focused on other things. it wasn't her though. now it is alittle draged out and she most likely is moving on. but she potentialy still has feelings for me. should i try or should i move on


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  • In a perfect fairytale world the guy would make it right. But this is real life so I would eventually give up hope and move on.

    Depending on how long it's been dragged out there may or may not still be a chance. If anything she'd aleast be flattered that you wanted to make it right.

    So worth a try. I understand why you're anxious though because now you have to put yourself in the position she was in.

    • Why'd you make it difficult originally?

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    • thing is I have facebook but haven't used it in 5 years. so my picture and all of the posts on my wall is 5 years old. I feel like it will come of creepy

    • Yeah that's creepy, just update your picture

      But no one said you had to add her
      You can simply send a message without a friend request unless she blocked the feature

      If you add her, put up some fun pictures
      Maybe a night out with friends or something

  • I would move on...


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