Should i ask her to prom and would this be okay?

A month or two ago I started dating someone with the intention of taking them to prom but a few weeks ago I found out they already promised to go with a gay friend a while ago. Prom is now a week away and I have nobody to ask but I had an idea (A ton of people have still been asking each other out so I thought it would still be okay). So there's a childhood friend I used to hang out with ALL THE TIME 24/7 until like middle-end of Elementary school and I was thinking of asking her because I don't know if it would be weird but I was thinking it could just be a pretty darn interesting experience and crazy time since we haven't seen eachother in forever and as kids we used to be so close and it might be sort of cool to hang out and see where we both are now XD. I'm going with a large group of friends too so that should make it even more fun plus we would probably go out to dinner before hand too. Also of course I would be paying for the ticket so I was thinking maybe a few hours at a prom at another school would still be a fun time even if you hadn't seen the person in forever. I don't know, thoughts? And what would I say when asking her (we are Facebook friends so I was just gonna PM her and I saw that she already had prom at her school so she already has a dress and everything).
Oh by the way I'm no longer going out with said girl I was originally going out with.


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  • I say as long as your current girlfriend understands your guys' history and is cool with it, then go for it. And don't really plan everything to say, because it never works out exactly how you want it to anyways.


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  • One of my friends did something just like this! And you'll be glad to hear that it worked :) What have you got to lose? Go for it tiger!

  • just do it then


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