How do I tell a guy what I like in bed in a sexy way/without offending?

It's very new, we've fooled around once or twice and there's just a couple of things that I'd prefer he did slightly differently. Nothing huge
Is there a way to bring it up so its more sexy so it doesn't sound like I'm criticising?
I was thinking maybe I would show him? So it's not like an awkward conversation lol


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  • Just tell him straight up. The more honest you are the better and make sure you keep it simple


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  • The compliment sandwich is your friend. Give him positive reinforcement like emerald77 said, add in something that you would like to change, and then say something you like again. Then he gets a good message with constructive criticism. You don't' necessarily have to sit down and talk about it academically. It can be hands on demonstration just as easily.


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  • Just tell him what to do, guys don't really mind. You could say something like "I love it when (Blah blah blah)" so he won't get offended by it.


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