Do guys take their time or am I being played?

We were friendly. We made out at a party two weeks ago. We spoke a few times. Then he asked me to get together. We saw a movie went to the park and he made me dinner. He didn't even do more than cuddle and hold my hand till the end and we spent over nine hours together.
He mentioned a next time. and we didn't have sex.

Then he called me next day. And next day saw him at a party he was being sweet and coming up if he saw me talking to a guy and got me drinks on his own and asked if I got home safe. But that was a few days ago. We haven't spoken two days in a row. Is he just done with me suddenly like that? Or could he be taking his space and will get back to me when he wants?


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  • 2 days is nothing, relax.


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  • It's only been two days. Just give it some time.


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  • If they want you, they don't take their time


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