Is she jealous of my ex?

This girl I know since I was like ten. We started talking over facebook after a couple of years Friendship was still the same and We talked about my ex but it was all cool and fine just venting and whatever.

We have kept in contact for some time after that and we talk a lot but then I found a picture of my ex in my pc and I told her and deleted the photo and she just sent me a voice clip saying" Ughh I can't stand it when you talk about that whore"

Ieally haven't spoken about the ex since that one conversation the first day we talked. seemed like she was jealous, she dennied it but what do you think? r


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  • this girl really likes you and its kinda normal for her to feel like this whenever its about your ex... your ex forms part of your ex... why not get to know the other girl better instead of constantly talking about your past?

    • I dont contantly talk about the ex it was a recent break up and she asked so I told her the story... then like a few weeks after my exes friends where scoping me out on facebook so I told her and that I deleted her pics but she lashed out on me and the carried on like normal

  • Yeah, she is probably jealous. She likes you it seems like


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