He never texted me back?

I texted him asking how a huge presentation went and he never answered me.

24 hours later, he sends an apology, and then asks how my week's been. I answer after 2 hours, telling him it's fine/acting casual and unperturbed by it , ask him another question back . he NEVER answers.

It's been 2 more days and I still haven't heard from him.

Now, to me this makes me think he's NOT interested! But he acts like he likes me when he's around me? Could it be he is just not a texter? Or am I being too naive in thinking that? Guys I need input!


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  • on the real , he could be busy? Just call him! Dam! "OMG He didn't text me and its been an hour come on! fuk I hate that sh*t! Just effin call him!, How hard is that too do? =] -1


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