Selectively boy crazy?

I'm completely boy-crazy. I can't help it, but the first thing that comes into my head when I meet a guy is that I absolutely have to make him like me... and the worst part is, i'm not always attracted back. Just the idea of boys liking me drives me wild, and it gives me a rush that I can't help but be addicted to.

I really don't have a shortage of boys who like me, but it's always the wrong ones-I get hooked on making a boy like me and then I immediately become uninterested because he becomes obsessed with me and won't leave me alone. It makes me so upset that I get this way, I cry for days every time it happens because I can't stand the thought of breaking their hearts but I'm always honest with them because I feel like it would be worse to lead them on. I've only dated one guy that I continued liking, and we just broke up after being in a serious relationship for a year and 7 months.

Not meaning to sound self-absorbed, but for the sake of accuracy it is important to note that I am an attractive girl, a straight A student (senior in high school), and I am very successful-I have 3 internships in architectural design this year. I want to ask why boys don't seem to show interest in me, but the thing is they do, it's just not the ones I'm interested in. So why don't the attractive, successful boys show interest in me? Boys either tell me I'm "too good for them" or that they "love me more than they love themselves" (both of these have happened numerous times) and it scares me off... I recently had a guy leave his girlfriend for me (which I totally did not want) and that freaked me out so I ran... why can't I find someone that doesn't scare me off when I have so many guys chasing me? Will it get better after high school? And how do I become less obsessed with making every guy I meet like me

Please don't tell me to just stop being picky or running away... I literally can't help it.


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  • Right now you are your own worst enemy. You are trying way to hard. The dating and mating game is not simple. You have to be willing to take your time and also experiment. It seems that the type of guy you need is one that is very self-confident... one that is not clingy. Running around after every guy or flirting with all of them is just going result in the same thing over and over. Relax a little and find the self confident (not egotistical) one.


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    It sounds similar to this, however either way it's not your fault, you get a rush out of doing it it's clearly something you enjoy, embrace it (however don't screw up with the wrong crowd of course) and just be who you enjoy being.

  • Its perfectly normal
    U r going through a phase in life and ull get over it soon

  • What a irony


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