Should I wait for him or should I just assume that things are over?

After 5 months, my friend invited me and this guy i'm seeing on a double date and we went but it was obvious that he didn't feel confortable. Well he told me that we were never exclusive and that he has the right to talk and hook up with other girls (but he hasn't). Having said that he gets jealous when I talk to other guys, he tells people that he and I are more than what we are.

Also he called me clingy because I invite with to events that include my parents (because I live with my parents) like football matches and stuff. What annoys me is that I told him from day 1 that I'm not the type of girl that does the casual hook up stuff and that I want be with someone that I can make plans without being scared that they'll leave in a week or two and from what he's saying is that we are only friends who sleep with each other.

I honestly feel stupid and betrayed because it took him 5 months to tell me how he feels and its as if I'm not good enough. We had a massive fight yesterday about it and now I'm wondering, should I wait for him to make contact or should I just assume that he doesn't wanna be with me anymore.

P. S I was gonna start going on the pill but should I now put that idea on hold? Or should I start using it even though I don't know what going to happen? (I don't sleep around)


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  • I dated a guy like this. The fact that he feels like he ahas the right to hook up with other girls is a major red flag. The next thing that will happen is he will hookup with other girls. If he wants to hook up with other girls, but gets jealous when you talk to other guys, it shows that he's manipulative. Another red flag. Just don't wait for him at all. End things before you get hurt even more. I've been there, and done that. A girl like you deserves someone better than him.

    • He said I'm someone he cares about and trusts and the reason he hasn't talked to or hooked up with other girls yet is because he's happy with me - he's essentially saying that I'm just like a care that you can trade up the second you get sick of it.

    • He knew from the beginning that you're looking for a serious relationship, and he probably used that to his advantage. He probably said what he said to 1. Keep you wanting him 2. Keep you by his side while he goes and looks for other chicks.

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  • Well this guy thinks he can make you not talk to other guys and yet he can still hook up and see other women. Is that something you would want in a guy? How does that not show you flashing red lights?

    Pill wise? You need to be taking the pill for at least 2 weeks with protection. After those two weeks (or longer if you want to make sure) you can get rid of protection. That is entirely up to you if you want to be on the pill or not

    • Here's the thing, he only told me that yesterday but never spoke about what we were before I had just assumed from his behavior. I thought we were more than what we are but he knew from the beginning that I am a relationship and commitment person and not someone who just casually hooks up - I thought we were working towards something but clearly we're not.

      For the pill, I'm not gonna use it if he and I aren't together. The reason for that is, I don't do one night stands and stuff so why should I be on it if I have nothing to protect myself from.

    • I think you're old enough to see who you want to see, and for him to get jealous over that, is realistically not your problem. You're better off with someone else. If he can't give you want you want, move on to someone who can commit to you.

      I'm on the pill and I haven't had sex for nearly a couple of years now. It's just a habit. Is like inbeaded in me, and I feel weird not to be taking it every single day. Good practice to. If something is ingraved in your routine, it's good. But yes otherwise, if not being on the pill because of him, is all good

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