Why do I feel most times I go on a date with a beautiful woman I feel they will loose interest in me?

very time i go on a date with a beautiful woman, I most of the time feel that they will end up loosing interest in me.

at the moment i went out with this one woman and things went well then, I set up the second date and she was looking forward to going this weekend coming. but when she wanted to see me before this weekend i declined because i was busy on the days she asked to see me, and no she has gone almost silent? she resonds to my texts as soon as she gets them but i don't know for some reason i feel i messed up some where and she seems to have most of the traits I want in a woman.

But for some reason i feel i am messing up?


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  • You're self sabotaging is what it sounds like. If you're busy you're busy she should understand that. Becoming a door mat to a beautiful woman won't make her more interested in you it'll do the opposite.
    She still sounds pretty keen and impatient if you ask me. Don't jump to conclusions, just see how that date goes.


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