Do you think my boyfriend's cheating on me?

We've been dating for almost 7 months now and at the beginning he was so caring and loving. Until a couple of weeks ago he missed me everyday and he wanted to be with me whenever he could. He took me out for dinner and asked if I wanted to go with him to wherever he was heading. He was also always in the mood for sex and actually still made the first move. Now everything is different. He got a haircut, he bought new clothing, he goes to the gym more often, he's always tired and never in the mood. The only times we've had sex since he's changed were because I made a move and even because I told him I wanted to have sex where he still said he was too tired. It seems like he never thinks about me and doesn't care about me anymore. We never go out, we never have passionate sex or even makeout sessions, all we do is lying on bed cuddling. We also started a competition on who can go the longest without sex and he said it would be no problem for him.
At the moment he's away for the weekend with friends, and I trustsd him but I send him a message like 16 hours ago and he hasn't replies yet. As if he's too busy fucking a bitch to answer my short message. What do I do? How do I know for sure?


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  • He might me.

    Have you ever tought of taking him out? Making moves more often? If he seems uninterested and doesn't want to it would be good idea to end the relationship anyways

    • I do but whenever I make a move he seems to shut it down a bit. I love him though, I want to be with him

    • Have you ever taken him out? You design the date, what you will do and where to go. You could even pay for the date. It is not only the guy's "duty".
      Talk to him about this. How you feel and ask if sonething is bothering him.

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