If a guy asks such questions, what does he imply (does he like me and is he going to ask me out)?

Ok so there's this guy in high school I'm friends with, we're both in the same high school, but different classes. We don't hang out much, except for the hour long walk back from school a few days per week. We talk about many things like childhood experiences, our fears, aspirations, food tastes and school stuff too, but recently he's been complimenting me and asking questions such as:

- would I be allowed to be in a relationship?
- how would I react if a guy tells me he likes me?
- what kind of guys do I like?

He mentioned in passing that he didn't have a crush a few months back (I didn't ask, he offered the information), though I have a crush on him (I don't flirt, I don't think he knows). So what's up: Does he like me, and if so is he gonna ask me out? Thanks.


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  • He is probably shy and a little bit scared and looking for some sign from you that says you would be receptive if he expressed interest in you. At your age, guys think that rejection is the worst thing that could ever happen and they are not willing to take many chances.

    So start saying things to him, like "I really enjoy all the talks that we have," "I'm glad that you're the one I get to walk home with," or "I hope that my next boyfriend is just like you!" Maybe that will give him the confidence to express his feelings.

    • Hmm that's quite insightful; how badly are guys affected if they broke up with someone about half a year ago? Thanks you

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    • He walks home with you after school; he isn't doing that with the other girls.

      He asked if you would be allowed to date. If a guy asks that

    • (hit ENTER by mistake)

      If a guy asks that question, 95% of the time it's because he wants to know if you are available for dating.

      No question in my mind, this guys wants to go out with you.

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