Found out he's a player but still up for it?

I haven't been seeing any guys since a bad breakup 2 years ago. So I just started uni 2 months ago in aus and my cousin secretly set me up w this guy on some dating app. I didn't know about it until my cousin gave him my numb, in which he had to tell me obviously. So I agreed on the date as I'm doing it for my cousin so he could stop saying how much of a "fresh off boat" I am. I met this guy and the first thing he did was hug me like how a boyfriend would do 'cause he was late. And that proceeded to walking at a park where he kissed me. Seriously tho, he kissed me randomly on the streets that night. Then he said he'll bring me to this really cool dessert place near his place and I was stupid enough to follow him. After that, he said he needed to grab his charger in his room and my god why was I so stupid to follow him around haha! Anyway he told me he doesn't want a girlfriend because he gets bored real easily and that he prefers to hookup with strangers because it's fun, and it's awk to do it with girls from his social circle. He tried to have sex with me that night but I didn't allow him to take my dress off, which means it didn't happen. he did say that if I didn't want to do it it's fine. It's just too much for me to take in that night and I'm still quite shocked at what I've gotten myself into. Now that I understand this whole game, I think part of me is willing to play along but I'm not going to do it again with random guys. I think I'll just find a boyfriend after this guy. He asked me to sleepover at his place next week though and told me he's quitting girls until exam ends but I don't know why he's making time for me. And he's the type where we only text about arranging meetups and nothing else. I'm only afraid that I might actually like him and I'll be in deep shit then.
PS did some research on him, very intelligent law student and was raised in diff countries.


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  • your cousin is helping your with some dating tips


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