Silences in conversations? Tips on subjects to talk about?

I'm a bit introverted myself and I'm dating a girl whos more introverted as well. We'd go for walks and to small school concerts but it seems like just about talked about everything and there seems to be silence in our conversation. But is silence okay? She seems okay with it. I'm just wondering if you have any tips on coming up with more topics to talk about. She's a really nice girl.. I just want to make it as awesome as possible date wise.


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  • Well are you okay with it

    Ask about her hobbies, ambitions, what did she do during the day, where does she work, her family, her favorite music, her favorite show.

    Don't ask about previous relationships though, pretty awkward lool.
    I feel you though, but if you've got a great set of questions, its cool.


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