How often should I be texting her?

So far we've texted for a week (maybe 5 days out of 7, seems like its been 50/50% initiation). Just wondering how often I should text her. I had a bad experience with texting girls everyday, like every day. I dont even know why... I hate texting, I'd rather meet in person, I guess i get anxious? She seems genuine though with her replys, sometimes she sends 3 at a time or will send me a paragraph long text lol (jk maybe about 5-8 lines lol). Should the girl or guy be initiating texts more often? I hate looking desperate or looking like a fool. Thanks


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  • Guys and girls have the same thoughts about this one. Both doesn't want to initiate conversations/texts because they dont want to look desperate but honestly, it would be great if the guy initiates the text. I swear you won't look desperate. Girl thinks that if guy sends text first, it kinda mean that she is special and she's on his mind.


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  • 50/50 is good. I would say to text whenever you have something to say. But right now it seems like you're in a good position. Lucky you...
    My crush only texts me when she wants to trade a shift or get the schedule for work. But sometimes after that we have conversations for an hour or more.

    • Seriously man make it obvious that you are interested! dont make it last, i've been there

    • I hate texting and I just need to spend more time in person with her.

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  • Simple solution: next time you text, arrange a meeting. :) As long as initiation is 50/50, anyway, it is no problem. Even 60/40 on your part is normal. Don't worry!

    • I have 2x already and she cancelled because something came up the first time and the 2nd time she had to travel pretty far to a job interview... won't be asking her again anytime soon lol... gunna make me look stupid

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    • Alright, do your thing!

    • She just told me she hasn't had sex in awhile...

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