Is there ever goin to be more between us?

I had a class with this guy last year and i started flirting with him a lot during second semester and then he started to flirt back but nothing really happened. We'd talk and text but that was it. This year I decided to forget him but he'd always approach me when he needed help in pottery and when i switched out, he told me that he was sad because he didn't have anyone to help him with his work anymore. Later on this year, he told me that he thought i wanted sex last year when i would flirt with him to which i told him that I liked him then he went on to say that relationships. in high school never work out. Since then, we kinda talk but it's weird because he'll either say something sexual or just look at me when he sees me, waiting for me ti say something or genuinely show interest in my life. He keeps giving mixed signals and just when I'm trying to get over him, he does something that keeps me attached or to get my attention. What's going on? '


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  • I think he might want to use u

    • I also think that he might only be sexually attracted to me...
      Problem is I still kinda like him

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    • Pls tell me how u decide so i can do the same...

    • I will

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