This girl is the one but I can't think of a way to break the ice help me girls?

How to break the ice. Soo i like a girl i see every morning behind a desk she is the reseptinest at a compony. If i come in she greets me or i greet her and she gives me a look with her beautifull white big eyes and a cute smile. She doesn't greet anyone like that except me. I just see her for like 5 mins a day. So can't think of anything to get her number or break the ice (begin a conversation) can you help me think of something to say girls. And guys if u have the right advice. ?


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  • Are you sure you're not reading too much into a simple gesture that she might have to do because of her job

    • Yes coz she smiles at me when i walk in and and look at me and when someone else walks in she doesnnt even look up. But she is not mean there is just a tall wall infront of her

    • Maybe you're her regular customer maybe that's why? I know a guy who always smiles at me when I walk into class, and sometimes talks to me too but I wouldn't say he likes me

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