I want him to call or meet me instead of textin. Did I push him away?

I really like this guy and we are in contact for 3 weeks and met twice. He says he likes me and enjoys time with me. He also checks on me everyday, but we text less this week. It became a bit annoying, as I have other things to do and sometimes he drops the conversation in the middle.
Yesterday he texted me to check on me, but, I left him waiting whole night and replied in the morning. However, his reply was shorter and without emoticons (it looked like he´s pissed off that I didn´t reply immadiately), but I responded to his texts. He dropped off the conversation (he was at work), so I texted him this:

"Okay, I see you are busy. I gotta go, need to catch the bus. You can call me in the evening, if you would like to talk to me. I would be happy to hear you :)"

He read my message, but no response for 9 hours and I´m waiting for his call.

What is going on in his head no?


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  • Have you told him before that you want to actually talk to him rather than text him?

    • No, I haven´t. He didn´t call me, but i texted him first and then we texted for an hour or so.. i don´t know.. i heard that guy doesn´t care if he doesn´t call.. now he is probably texting with 5 other girls.. :(

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  • Textin seems like a whore


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  • Focus more on the actual relationship instead of trying to play mind games through the phone.

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