Girls, what will you feel in this situation?

Hi, girls. How will you feel and react under the situation below

Here is a guy, his family has been friends with your family for a significantly long time, and you grew up together. You are good friends, of course, and you are even like brother and sister.

But because of a thing, you harshly broke his heart, and you even did it for many times. You did not care at the first time, then you realized it. He never said he hates you, and even told you that he is okay and still treat you as good as before.

But clearly, his heart was totally broken by you. He was even sort of love you before, but that feel may have faded, but you are not sure. You feel sorry for him, and after breaking up with several boyfriends, you find he is the only guy who consistently treats you good and you falls love in him.

You tried to tell him that you love him, but even when you told him, he reluctantly refused and said that he wanted to maintain the current relationship. But once he was drunk, pushed you on bed and wanted to undress you. You thought he clearly loved you, so agreed to have sex.

But during sex, he said "make no mistake, I just fancy on your boobs, legs and thighs, not for you". He was very likely to say those because he was drunk, but you were not sure, and you were not sure if he actually still loves you or not.

What will you feel and react? Will you never be with him? Or try to know what he really thinks? Will you forgive him? Will you still love him?


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  • Girls, what will you feel in this situation

    Fine since he cleared up that he didn't love me before and during sex with him. Since I still had sex with him I obviously had no issue with his words.

    What will you feel and react

    I'd feel he's a typical guy who has sex with a gal's body rather than her. I'd react by remaining friends as since I continued the sex I had no issue with him f*cking my body.

    Will you never be with him

    Yes I'd never be with him as I'm not into being with a guy who says that.

    Or try to know what he really thinks?
    No he said enough I see no reason to dig deeper.

    Will you forgive him

    No I don't forgive people who don't seek forgiveness.

    Will you still love him


    "But because of a thing, you harshly broke his heart, and you even did it for many times."
    I'm guessing this 'thing' is him having 'feelings' for me never telling me and getting butthurt while I f*ck/date other guys (?)

    • No, it is some other non-dating, non-romantic, non-relationship thing.

    • Hmm so it seems she broke your heart by not living up to the expectations/ideal you had of her.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Like a pile of crap

    • I did not quite understand...

    • I would feel bad

    • Went through something similarit├ęs dont really care if anyone sympathized or not we treated each other badly

What Guys Said 1

  • This is probably my inner asshole talking due to being lead on and screwed over multiple times, but the girl deserves whatever heartbreak she gets from that scenario. He deserves better.

    • I probably shouldn't have used "inner asshole", but you know what I mean

    • Yeah, I know. Do you sympathize that girl?

    • No, I do not sympathize with her.

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