Do I really like this girl or not?

My fiend that I workout with came to the conclusion that I like this girl. Before I didn't actually. After he said that and discussed it with another friend. Now I keep having these thoughts like she is pretty cute actually and I keep thinking of what it would be like to date her. I talked to her the other day and I felt silly almost embarrassed. This isn't how it was before but now I'm not sure how I feel. I don't want to like anybody but I keep having these thoughts. Do I like her or what is going on?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well they are your friends so they do get to observe first hand how you act around her... So they could be onto something...

    However the fact that this just came up randomly at a workout conversation. It just makes me think people are trying to plant bugs in your ears like maybe she likes you, so they brought it up

    I agree with the guy user "the fact that you have to ask" is a NO or not interested enough.

    But thinking about it is normally, my friends point out guys to me sometimes and say he's your type, you two would make a cute couple.. Etc

    Of course I think about it assuming it's not a bad person personality wise or look wise but I know I don't like them because someone else had to basically bring them to my attention and keep mentioning it...

    Doesn't mean I won't check them out or ponder but I surly don't like them


What Guys Said 1

  • If you gotta ask, the answer is no, or at least not enough to make it worth her time and yours.


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