Gave this girl from bar a ride home one night then things got weird since?

it all started rather randomly one night i was leaving the bar and was parked on a side street , i just had 1 beer so drove there as i live outside of town. these 2, 20 something college girls at some point approched me and asked for a ride as they couldn't find any taxi's and it was cold out still winter as that was a month or so ago. i gave them a ride and talked to them a bit , one was a tall brunette but she was wearing a lot of clothes so didn't get a good look at her. i felt we developed a bit of a connection and seemed to get along during the ride although they were a bit uncomfortable with me at first. so i dropped them off and didn't ask to go inside or try and pick them up and just went home. and felt things were ok after that but they've got weird since and its weird i never really noticed that girl at bar before that night but now i see her there all the time.
i've seen her a few times since and things have been weird , we haven't really talked much , a couple times she sort of walked near me and was with a couple different guys she was either hanging out with or dating? and one night she walked rate near me with some guy and tried to make it look like she was going to be going home with him. and she looked upset at me as she did that. another night she was wearing really revealing clothes that showed off her tight butt and abs /belly piercing. and sort of danced near me with some dude. i'm not sure if she even likes me or if she is trying to make me jealous for not trying to pick her up or if she is just some hot party girl and this way she acts?

also after seeing her at bar in light and taking a good look at her i realised she is a lot better looking than i realised the night i drove her home and a lot better looking than other girls i have had in my car over the years. i also find i'm a lot more sexually attracted to her than i was at first , well really wasn't the night i drove her home and she was sitting rate beside me but now i'm more into her , but i sort of just looked at her and was like that girl was really in my car? really


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  • Well buy her a drink then! Ask her out if you like her that much

    • just not sure she's kind of girl you date though , she lived in an area with a reputation for being the party area near the college and always at bar. she seemed more like a party girl than girlfriend material

    • You could always try? In my language there's a saying which translates to "you've got no already, but yes you can get" (yes thats proper grammar lol)

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  • Talk to her!!!

    • that might help but she's been difficult to talk to at that bar and hasn't made an effort to talk to me

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