My date said I'd never hear from him again if I didn't listen to him. Was he right to say that?

So went on a date the other day. Everything went great and we kissed towards the end of the night. Around 2 am, I decided to go home. The guy insisted that I should take a taxi home, even though I said I'd be fine. He started getting angry with me and said that if I didn't take a taxi home, I'd never hear from him again.

I get the fact, that he might have been worried about me and wanted me to make it home safe. But the fact, that he continued to argue with me about it and said that I would never hear from him again made me think a little.

Was he right to say that to me on a first date? Would you argue with your date too on a first date, if they refused to take a cab home and instead opted to take the bus home? (The bus I was gonna take would take me straight to my door)


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  • To be honest, personally if i suggested that to someone and they refused i would have maybe at least asked why but i wouldn't push it any further. In fact if that's what they were going to do i would walk them home and take a taxi from there house.
    What he did was in my opinion wrong, you don't get mad over something so simple. especially on a first date.
    If he wants to go on another date i think he would have to apologise first.

    All my opinion though :)

    • Well, he insisted on going with me in the cab and then going back again. But I said it was better if he stayed at home since he had to work in the morning and that I would be fine. I wouldn't want to keep someone up even more when they had to get up in a couple of hours.

    • Hmm, it's a head scratcher your situation really, i think in a way it's nice he did make sure you got home safe, but i think he went about it completely in the wrong way.
      Sometimes it can be a matter of pride with people.
      It usually get's drilled into a guys head pretty early on that if he goes on a date with someone he also has to look after them.
      I don't know the guy so i can't say what's going on in his head.
      I'm just glad he didn't get more aggressive, you hear bad stories sometimes.

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  • That's an odd thing for him to say. Bus fare is significantly cheaper than a taxi, and if it's going to take you right to your door anyway, I don't see a difference. I would stay away from this one. He appears to have a control thing going on. Alternately, give him one more chance but put him on probation.

    • He does seem a bit controlling. He kept asking me who was texting me as well. I glanced at my phone a couple of times and he asked me who it was. When I said it was a friend, he said that it was "a bit late for a friend to be texting"

    • Yikes. Maybe lose his number, yeah?

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  • Late at nigh, the woman always takes a taxi, period.

    • So you'd argue with someone too if they decided not to take a cab, even if the bus would take them straight to their door? :p

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  • He sounds crazy with control issues. You're grown, who is he to make demands like that?

    • I know right.. If anything was to happen to me, it would be my own fault.

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