Asked woman out but no reply?

So about a month ago I met a woman that works in the same building as me. She was very flirty, hair flipping, sweet talk etc... long story short I gave her my number and over the last wk or so we have been exchanging occasional texts back and forth. On Friday I asked her if she had plans for the wknd or if she was busy. She replied that unfortunately she was on call for the wknd which she is. We exchanged a few more message and I asked her if she would be interested in having dinner sometime. It's been 48 hrs and I have not heard from her since. I also sent her a message yesterday asking her how on call was going as I know it can be busy. No reply either. Did I blow it? Is she mad at me? Is her lack of response a no, or a sign I shouldn't have asked? It does take her some time to reply to messages occasionally but usually not this long. What do I do?
Thanks for your feedback... she just messaged me back and definitely wants to get together but as friends at this point as she doesn't like dating anyone she works with. Might be a nice way of saying no, but it's a start hoping it turns into something more...


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  • She's probably thinking about her options , or she's juts not interested.


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