Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

So I like this guy, for a while I was pretty confident he liked me back, but then I got really confused. We have been "social media friends" (basically aquantainces with a lot in common so we like and comment on each others stuff all the time, but don't have the same social circle so never really talk in person) for about a year but I recently started to have feelings for him two months ago and I started interacting with him in person more. Since I have displayed some more interest and he found out I was single, I feel him looking at me a lot and in my direction, we occasionally make eye contact (normally from a distance) and his reactions are normally positive when I talk to him. However he has given me a couple red flags, when I asked to hang out with just him he blew me off, he goes in periods of purposefully avoiding me (which he wouldn't do when we were just "social media friends") and sometimes he takes 2-4 days to respond to simple questions I send him. I took these as signs he wasn't interested, but people that I have talked to say this is normal behavior for him, that he always blows people off and has ADHD so forgets to respond to messages.
Anyways I graduate this week, and I just want to know where we stand because we will never see each other again after that (probably). I just want to tell him how I feel but I am very scared especially after he has given me these red flags. I know he really likes someone, is somewhat insecure and is afraid of rejection (alot), but I don't know if those things that he has said are about me or another girl. Especially since we don't know each other that well and are in different social circles, I am very worried that he will be weirded out by me telling him this. Should I just do it or let it go?
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  • Does he like you too?

    • I have no idea. He gives the typical first impression signs of liking me so I thought he did but things have gotten more complicated over the past two weeks to the point where I am not sure if he is not interested or just weird and can't show affection.

    • Wait for any more signs

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