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So this girl I've kinda fallen for started at my work over a week ago we've been working together & getting on well she lives near me & weve got the bus & walked to work together I really like her but im not sure she does? she's a single mum so she might not be on the market i would like to ask her out but I'm not sure how?
Not had chance to ask her out as my manager at works seperates us as he knows i like her I'm seeing her at the bus stop soon so i may ask then
She has a boyfriend already nevermind
So things arnt looking good for this boyfriend I've found out he isn't talking to her or even caring so I may have a chance she has been warming to me & getting me to meet her & buying sharing food is this a good sign?


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  • ask her out to the movies or to lunch one day. and have fun and be casual about it.

    • I'm going to ask her this week it's not too soon though right?

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    • Update I've found out through questions that she has a boyfriend game over as they say

    • Aww im really sorry!!

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  • Hmm, I think you should go for it, she's a single mum which might means that she's on the market too!
    You just need to accept you'll have a lot of responsibility before hand and she will always choose her child over you.
    Best thing to do is ask her if she wants to go for dinner one day, start off with a restaurant that's not too fancy but isn't too dingy either. worst thing she can say is no, ask her why and if she say's she doesn't want to date right now let her know you understand and ask if she wants to just go for drinks one day :)

    No isn't always a no. but accept whatever she says and don't let it ruin what could also be a great friendship too :)

    • Thanks dude will go for it

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    • I did message her on fb & added her on insta but she declined my request she's not gonna be mad that i got her lastname off the rota to find her is she?

    • Well, i wouldn't admit that straight away! but it could be a funny story in the future. and some people keep social media just with close family and friends! she might not know what your last name is and who you are online.
      Just try not to get too invasive just keep it casual and as i said, if she says no just take it on the chin.

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  • single mom... hmm... no good dude... maybe she needs 2 focus on her child basically ;-)


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