What to do when you feel disappointed?

Ok, follow me here... you meet a guy a really nice guy, you're really excited to be with him, for the 1st time, it feels like Christmas! But when you open "your present" you realize it's socks "no show ankle socks" your disappointed. You were really hoping for knee length tube socks! You try them on for size, but they just aren't BIG enough, it just doesn't seem like a good fit at all. What do you do, to get out of wearing the "socks", without hurting his feelings?


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  • You aren't going to not hurt his feelings. You can however make it so he understands that it isn't just him being "not the socks you want."

    Just tell him that you don't feel you guys are connecting. Tell him you like him but just don't see you two going anywhere together and assure him that it isn't necessarily his fault and he isn't a bad guy. If he tries to negotiate (most people will) stand your ground and tell him you really thought about this and made up your mind and want to move on and that you're being upfront with him to save him any games.


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  • Just be honest and tell him your reasons why you won'twear it.

    • You made me laugh!!!

    • Glad that I made you laugh. Haha.

      "Tell him your reasons", whatever you say will hurt him anyway. Sometimes its better when people say it without sugar coating.

    • Been out of the dating for 24 years, awkward!!!

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