Just had my first date in years... not sure if date was good bad... it's been a while since I've dated. ?

Went on a date with this girl met up for coffee at a nice place, then walked to a kids park eventually ended up going to a bar near by all happened for about 3 to 4 hours. The entire time I just asked questions, and she did most of the talking. No awkward moments in between. There was subtle touching from her like tapping bumping while we were at the bar, we sat close. Walked out and she gave me a hug and I told her I had a good time, I want to take you out next weekend, she mentioned I can't next week since I have a friend visiting, but let's keep in touch... part I feel date went good since it lasted for a while but the end part about asking her for a second date I'm not so sure.
I texted her two days later, "I had a great time with you on Sunday, looking forward for the next time..."

and now I have not heard from her since, it's been two days already and no reply... I guess it's over she's just not interested in me.


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  • Wow yeah sounds like it went pretty well/ 3-4 hours is long for a first date and she probably had opportunities to cut it short. Def follow up soon, like tomorrow if you haven't and maybe suggest something in the middle of next week for date 2. Good luck!


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  • It sounds like it went well. My guess is that when you asked her for that second date she didn't know her plans. If you want to go out with her again, ask her a second time. Then get her entire schedual of her free days so that if one day doesn't work another one will. If she keeps avoiding all your attempts then maybe just being friends is good


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  • if she laughed and smiled then it was probably good :) and it definitely was if she wants to do it again


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