Guys, what shall I do? I always push him away by ignoring him I feel terribly bad when I saw him walking away with broken heart.

I met that cute guy he seems to be interested in me I know it cuz I heard him by accident telling his best friend that he likes me. I am so into him but the problem is that I have H. Pylori stomach infiction which puts me in a very imbarresing situation unfortunately becase of it I am suffering from bad breath. that's why when ever he tried to hit on me I shut myself down and pull away but he always comes to me and I always push him away by ignoring him I feel terribly bad when I saw him walking away with broken heart. I go home and cry I always think about how he would manage to be in a relation ship with some one like me! I am on antibiotics now to fight that stomach bug and hope that one day my nightmare will be over.
I have the best news for all of you guys! he came to me as usual I said Hi and a BIG smile light up his face we chat for about 30 min he wasn't bothered with the smell at all I told him the truth about my medical condition and it's the only reason I was ignoring him. then he said I have true feelings for you so don't do this to me if you're telling me that just to make me leave? well I won't I said NO he said then let me take you out ! I was surprised he didn't mention the bad smell thing all
he thought that I was pushing him away again "what a good reputation that I have on his mind" ha ha :) ! finally we are going out for our first date and I'm so excited I want to thank you all for encouraging me to do it you're the best you can't imagine how happy I am right now


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  • What embarrassing symptoms do you have? Usually, H. pylori causes ulcers and 2 weeks of antibiotics clears it up. What is complicating this picture for you?

    • thanks to you reply one of my symptoms is halitosis " bad breath"

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    • I have a good news! please check the updates on my problem

    • I am SOOOO happy for you! Good luck!

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  • You have to come in terms with your reality and that people will accept it or won't. Judging by your age, you don't have time to waste on anyone who doesn't.

    Everyone has some handicap in them. Bigger toe, shake hands, bad breathe, longer arm. It's a fact of life.

    Get over it. He's on board or he's not But at least give him the opportunity to choose.

    • thanks Alicant301 but I actually have a good news!

  • Just try to approach him and tell him about your problem. If he doesn't care, you'll know he really loves you. If I were him and you told me, I'd say, "I don't give a crap! That's just something you'll get over. You'll get a fever of 109 if you're with me because I can turn you into a "hunk a hunk of burning love."" Lol!

    • VonHoffer LoooL!
      You made my day Thank you.

    • Anytime! Just come to me with your problems and I'll help you.

  • Just be honest and share that with him, he might be willing to look past it.

    • thank you Rc1989 that's what I've decided to do, Today I am going to tell him every thing.

  • Be honest. If he is still into you after you are honest, he's probably a good choice, of course that is if you're into him.

    • Thanks famouslastwords That's what I did :)

  • Tell him what you are dealing with! If he's worth dating, he will be understanding.

    • thanks for the advise Nice guy I'm sooo happy & greatfull to see that all of you guys understood my medical condition thanks for the support. it means the world to me.

    • No problem. I feel bad you have the condition in the first place.

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