Am I being selfish?

The guy that I am sort of seeing used to call and talk to me a lot. We were together, but after 6 months we took a break. After a few weeks, we are back together. He doesn't call or text, and now says he isn't a talker. Is it wrong of me to ask to talk to him once a week for like 15 minutes? I'm giving him a lot, while my wants and desires aren't met even a little. Or am I being selfish about this

I can't ask my friends about this because we are all friends, and I know they will tell him if I bring him up in conversation. Any input is appreciated, thank you!


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  • Honestly I think he just doesn't like you. If he doesn't call or text you, then y'all wouldn't talk unless u contacted him am I right? If a man likes you he would be happy to hear from u and that's not what I'm getting out of this question you asked. If that's the case it's best to move on and find someone who treats you how u wanna be treated

    • That is what I thought as well. I tried bringing this up in a non confrontational way, and he said that I should know how he feels about me and to trust him. He just doesn't like to talk on phones or text.

      It just sucks, because I really liked him. He has positive qualities, but you're right... if he doesn't want to make me happy, then what's the point.

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