Dating Questions for the shy type of guy?

When on a first date do you try to kiss your date, yes? no? And why

If no... How long do you wait to kiss her, hours? Days? Weeks? After a certain number of dates? Months

Just so curious!

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  • I don't kiss on first date
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  • just want to see results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Most shy guys WANT to kiss a girl on the first date, but they might be too shy to initiate it. If you want to kiss him, and it seems like he wants to but isn't going to just wait until you are laughing or in each others arms, or staring into each other's eyes and kiss him.

    • Ohh good response.. thanks for the advice!! I get the feeling if I initiate and if he's not that into me.. Isn't it likely he would reject? I mean we left the date on a hug.. :/

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    • Thank you!!! :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on how the date goes.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I would try. But then you'd slap me and tell me to f--- off.

    • Not with the guy I went out with.. I wouldn't slap I'd just giggle and blush a lot BC I've got v-lips :-x

    • ok... women in general would exactly do that if it was "me" trying. Better?

    • Alright, I see...

  • I would want to but almost certainly wouldn't make the first move out of nervousness.
    I hate being in that position, it's easier if she just does it. lol

    • Ahh I see, and how often do you wait for her to initiate? Do you eventually go in for a kiss, or do you never evem after multiple dates take the lead for a kiss? I worry about this.. Situation )-:

    • There's no time-frame. I would need to be totally convinced that she would be receptive. Like constantly entering my personal space, smiling, talking close, tugging on my shirt, touching me, all that stuff. But she could just save a whole lot of hassle and go in for the kiss herself.

      Just being male in 2015 makes me feel like I'm walking on thin ice. Until I've gotten more intimate, more sexual with someone, I'm going to be extremely cautious. But once that door is open then I'm confident moving forward. For many reasons things just go smoother when the girl tries to open that door.

  • It depends on how much I like her. If I don't like her all that much, I'd rather burn out going for the kiss. If I like her, I get nervous as hell and pussy out like a little B.

    • Thanks for commenting, helpful!

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