Can nervousness actually be a good thing?

I've recently been hearing/thinking that being nervous with a good is actually good because it means you're actually invested in the interaction. You actually like her, are impressed by her, and want things to work out if only initially. On the flip side, a person who's your type and you find attractive but is a little nervous to talk to you seems like it could be a good thing as long as it's not too intense.

A lot of guys try to metaphorically puff their chests up, but wouldn't it be better to just own whatever emotion you're feeling at the time

Something like "hey I was really nervous to talk to you but I wanted to just say hey," "hey I alway see you at xxxxx but I'm always so nervous to talk to you." "hey I don't normally do this but i just wanted to talk to you... so hi"

Obviously I'm not inventing anything new here, but the logic is that "players" have the problem of having to force the appearance of emotions for a girl when they've had so many girls they don't really care one way or another about her, but if you are actually authentic with the nervousness you come off as this guy who's just totally real and she kind of just has to take you as you are because you come at it already 100% sure of yourself even if it's sure that you're nervous af. Also, assuming you're fairly attractive yourself, seems like it would feed into the person's narcissism that "woah this attractive guy is nervous to talk to me. There must be something special about me."
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  • Yeah. As long as you're not faking anything you should be good.
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  • A little giddiness is cute :)

    My first date was like that with my boyfriend. It was nice to see his excitement and jitters. I could tell he was really into me and wanted everything to go well.


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