If you share a cab at the end of the night do you expect to be getting off at the same location?

I did this the other night and the guy hasn't even kissed me so it didn't cross my mind. Cans are just hard to get and I was buzzed. didn't realize maybe I led him on until the morning?


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  • After a date?


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  • Nah you're just easy.

    • I'm easy for sharing a cab? We didn't even kiss but I offered to buy him drinks later this week in return for the fare. We were debating Uber V Cabs and he said you can't get then at that time of night then proceeded to show by example of trying to hail two of them (they both passed). I went to hail a cab and got one which we laughed at and of course I wouldn't want to leave him after that (40 year old guy not dressed all fancy I guess can't get a cab as quickly as a woman in heals).

    • Nevermind desperate is better

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