What's with the no texting?

so I've been hanging out with this girl for a couple of weeks. we went to a concert together recently. it was our first real date. 2 days after the date she went to a dance with another guy. she agreed to go with him a while before we were hanging out. that's cool. I can't be upset about that. so I texted her that day and told her to have fun. she responded with Thanks!. I thought maybe she didn't want to get into a conversation so I let it slide. I figured ill let her get back at me before I text her again. I haven't seen her/ texted/spoken to her in the 3 days since all that. I will see her tomorrow, we have some similar extracurricular. what should I do?


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  • First of all, I commend you on your maturity level. Most guys wouldn't have as much patience as you. You are also showing trust, which is an EXCELLENT trait. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT automatically jump down her throat (even if it isn't in an offensive manner) about "how her date went". If anything, don't even mention it, UNLESS she brings it up. Then you can ask her something like "did you have fun" etc. Other than that play it cool, show interest but don't be too interested. No girl likes a clingy guy, and once again she'll notice that you trust her.


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  • i say you should wait till tomorrow to talk to her, a text or call would be good, but its not only your move I think its about meeting half way. you should definitely talk to her tomorrow.. you'll be able to tell if she's still into you or if she tries to avoid you or creates an awkward situation. good luck :)

  • Call her! It's your move.

    I wouldn't worry about her just typing "Thanks!"...some people just aren't into conversations via text.


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