Is it normal to cry for my girlfriend?

I invited my girlfriend to my house and spend lone time together. Then she said to me that burst me into tears"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love you " We then hugged and I said "I won't let anything happen to you"Then She also cried. So is it normal for me to cry to her


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  • Of course it's normal! Men are emotional brings just the same as women are. Women are definitely more emotional but for some reason men are told to buck up, be manly, don't cry. Men then hold their emotions all inside, never dealing with then so it comes out in other ways such as anger or aggression. Allow yourself to feel that emotion, it's okay to cry. She probably thought it was really sweet


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  • It's a normal physiological reaction caused by the hypothalamus. It can't differentiate between the different emotions (happy, sad), it's only reacting to very strong neural signals that activate the autonomic nervous system, then the parasympathetic nervous system activates parasympathetic receptors that causes tear production. But your version is good too.

  • lol this is hilarious

  • At your age, that sounds normal.


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