Girls, Quick question about how you would act if a guy you may like was talking to other girls too, how would it make you feel?

Right so we dated ourself for quite a while, then we stopped dating due to a lot of things mostly on her end and a little bit on mine but nothing major, long story short there's no bad blood between us everything is fine we are literally the closest of friends now and perhaps something may happen in the future as she's said i'd possibly love to give it another try when her life is less turbulent and that she wished it was at times like this when we could be in a relationship which i guess sounds weird but without telling you guys everything it's kinda hard to paint the picture :), she didn't want to hurt me or lead me on as she put it, but she does have low self esteem and was bullied when younger and a few guys have said over her life that she's ugly or fat and because her friend looks better which i don't personally think but its a case of one is blonde, skinny the usual guys chase and she's more curvy black hair and taller and well a lot better looking if i'm going to be honest not that her friend is bad but just doesn't appeal to me as much as it's about looks, personality and more with me i see more than looks, i would be there for her through thick and thin as i am with any of my friends except more so as we were in a relationship, anyway she was hesitant to call it off and still feels really bad about it because she thought she was upsetting me and i was helping her too much and she kind of didn't feel she was worth my time or effort so it seems.

So i guess my question or the main thing is that, say if you were out with said guy knowing his feelings towards you and vice versa, he gave you his phone to call your parents to pick you up as you have no credit or mobile data left, and messengers little bubble was on the side with a girl who is just a friend but you wouldn't know that, would perhaps a little jealousy bubble up and you ask who she is? bearing mind this has happened twice now from her hope you guys get the gist if not feel free to ask questions :)


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  • i wouldn't really care, I'm not the overly jealous type. if he's not my man i couldn't care less. id only begin to be concerned if it was just 1 or 2 girls and it was happening too regularly for my liking.

    • Thanks :)
      That's the thing we aren't dating anymore but there's still apparent feelings there from her and what do you mean if she was asking who they were more regular

      Or if i was talking to multiple people

      or even dating multiple people

      I would never date multiple people myself because i just never see it ending well if you develop feeling for both or some stupid thing... no i'm more of a one gal guy myself :)

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    • yeah ok that's cool then. i wouldn't care bout that.

      i understand and u know its hard for a girl to regain confidence after something like that. it will take her some time to heal.

      ur welcome.

    • Then again it wouldn't be anyone else's concern unless i was seeing them especially if they were my friends, without sounding harsh i know its human nature to be jealous at times and see things differently but going on that point, you'd obviously know i still had feelings, I've just been made a friend a couple of times because i'm genuinely interested in said woman and show it easily as i don't play games or act stupid and coy or will actually listen and will go places and do things without sounding sexist not many women expect and they usualy seem shocked that i'd care about them and there life, many have said i'm like the guy they want even actual girl friends who I've known from primary school, but i'm too advanced so to speak like they all seem to feel they love me but then i'm too good for them or don't want to lose such a great guy as they say and it hurts after been cheated on too, the usual you'll find someone who loves you back is becoming tiring but i know they mean well, cheers

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