When someone says "I'm complicated" what that really means is that they are drama who doesn't have their sh*t together. Agree?

I've found that 'complicated' people really just amount to be draining drama because they have not gotten their emotional and mental sh*t together before embarking on new romances. They are complicated because they have excess baggage that they haven't taken care of. Personally, I find them to be a chore to deal with and I have no effing desire to be exhausted and have the joy and peace in my days reduced because some dramatic person won't handle their sh*t. I avoid men who claim to be 'complicated'because I have enough shit on my plate without having to worry about someone else's issues.

How about you? What do you think of people like this? Why do some people seem to think that being 'complicated' makes them mysterious or intriguing when really it just makes them a pain in the ass? The only person who finds complex people magnetic is a therapist.


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  • I think people who advertise themselves as "complicated" are just trying to project that they are interesting people who have not followed the paths that us mere mortals normally take, and therefore, they are full of drama. Of course, saying they are "complicated" without giving us the details is their way of inviting us to ask so that they can feel important when we say, "Please tell us more!"

    • Ugh so annoying. IT'S NOT ATTRACTIVE. Someone being complicated suggests they're going to turn my life into a fucking Lifetime special. NOT CUTE.
      Fix your emotional and mental shit before you try to date, people!!

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    • Not 'burned' just completely worn out and exhausted. When I remember him saying he was complicated like it was some sort of badge of honor it makes me chuckle and roll my eyes at the same time

    • I'll bet he made a point of letting you know what a sensitive and caring person he was, how strongly he felt things, as if that made him special, like he was one of those rare people who had more feelings than a ruptured appendix.

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  • Complicated people often have a serious random element as well you can never be quite sure how they will react. Well, you can assign a high probability to behavior that leads to conflict and problems, but beyond that there is little that can be predicted. As such, it is wise to avoid such people.


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  • I think it's partly what you described and partly attempting to suggest they have substance to their character (because really they're bland, boring and stupid.)


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  • Nah just means they're simple but hoping you won't notice and you'll pass them up.


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