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OK so I'm on plenty of fish and i have been on a few dates and most of guys are nice guys but just nothing there but I have been on a few dates with guys who are nice and there has been potential to go on 2nd date.. all occasions we have both agreed to do second date and then nothing.. I never hear from them again. On Thursday I was on a date with what seemed like a lovely guy and he told me at the end of the night he really liked me and would love to see me again but now is ignoring my text. I'm not heartbroken over these guys as it's only a first date but I'm beginning to see a pattern. is this common? has anybody else come across this? Are there just a lot of time wasters out there. I can easily handle 'he is just not that into you' cause I just move onto the next one but it's hard to understand when they are interested but still don't bother.. I mean what's the point in doing the online dating thing then if you areally are not going to make an effort?

Thanks :)


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  • Who knows. So many guys have become such time wasters and are disrespectful, probably thanks to developing really short attention spans in recent years. This IS happening, and likely due to texting/internet culture, or a whole "player"/next-best-thing mentality that seems to be being propagated among men. This is why many women are now dating and settling down with considerably older guys.


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  • Trust me there is hope with online dating you just have to sift through all the time wasters and move on from them quickly, because they have obviously moved on to another girl or already had one waiting. Let them come to you take your time with choosing... My best friend met her man on pof and is now getting married and having a baby to him all in a years time :)

  • maybe you would be better with a woman


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