How do you label a friends with benefits relationship?

I've recently dated this guy, casual dating. We did normal stuff. Going to coffee shop, having dinner, hanging out etc.

To my surprise, i wanted to have sex with him. Everytime we go out i keep on wanting him but im great at hiding my feelings so he is clueless... until our last date which eventually led to sex.

I thought he's done with me after that but he invited me on a date again this weekend.

Is this FWB? But we had sex only once in all of our dates and im not sure if he's seeing other girls.


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  • Well, he didn't bail after the sex was done so maybe he's truly interested in you. "FWB" is basically the sex, casual hanging out, but not so much dates. Or at least it was that way for me with the two guys I've done that with.

    • So friends with benefits is just really the sex?

    • That's basically the idea. No attachments, no commitment. Everything is just casual.

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