This girl who I was pretty sure liked me purposely ignored my last text should I text her at another time? You think she still likes me etc?

So I had just met this girl and after a few days of our b initial conversation I asked for and received her number and text her after school that same day. We have a few conversations with me always texting first (she usually responds pretty quickly) and one time we texted until about 1am, a few text conversations later with me texting her first and going back and forth from there. Well one time when we were texting she completely ignored my text (usually she give some excuse but nothing this time) right in the middle of the conversation for like no reason. In know nothing's wrong with her/her phone cause she was logged into Facebook messenger an hour later and still didn't respond its a day later and I'm wondering if I should text her/ ask her why she didn't respond


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  • How do you know she intentionally ignored it? She could have just missed it and saw it much later and saw no point in elaborating because so much time has passed.

    Text her when you normally do but don't prod her on why she didn't respond. It'll make you seem over-concerned and needy.

  • she probably went to sleep or she's just not telling you something or she thinks that its stupid to ignore a text and reply ages later that's what I would think lol


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