I am about to go on my first date ever!!!

OK I am about to go on my first date ever and I want to know what I need 2 bring...do I need cash? I have no idea. please help!


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  • Small amount of cash (maybe $15), a cell phone, mace (if you don't know him well) and mints (if you plan on getting close.)

    • Great list - I've never needed mace though! Add lipstick and a mirror to that list. And since mother nature has dreadful timing, make sure you have supplies in your purse in case she decides to join you during the date. And see my comments below about if things don't go well.

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  • It depends. Where are you going / what are you doing? I'd bring some money just in case. Other than that, just relax and be yourself. Enjoy it. Whoever you are going on a date with wants to go on a date with YOU. Just be yourself and you'll be fine.

  • Yes bring cash and a big smile. Offer to pay for half the meal but if he accepts then dump him.

    • Hahaha!!!! yes. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to agree with h00kers. guys always have to pay for the both of you. he probly knows that so I wouldn't be worried with the money part.

    • Buuuut - be prepared to pay your fair share if you feel he is being pushy and expecting something you are not prepared to do. Also make sure you have a way to get home if things don't go well. make sure someone you trust knows where you are and who you are with. A cell phone is a MUST.

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