When messaging, should a guy sound fun or play it cool?

Should a guy sound fun with jokes, smiley faces, lots of "haha's" and explanation marks


Should a guy sound cool and write as little as possible


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  • Maybe it's me but when someone texts me in a 'playing it cool' kind of way I tend to think that they are probably busy or don't want to talk to me. You don't have to put a smiling face in every sentence but don't give only short answers because you will come out as sharp (in the wrong way)


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  • you need to be pretty confident when you're saying what you consider to be "cool", cause it may come off as uninteresting if it's not smooth enough :). u need to be both i think. when you are flirting, the "cool" chat definitely sound best. but at other times you wana be cheerful and just give off a positive vibe


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  • He should arrange a date, IMHO. Style is a non-issue.


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