Is he is no longer interest?

I went on a date with a guy, I thought it was a good date, we laugh and kiss and he told me we will be talking or something I can't remember very well. I texted him a few days and he was very friendly as always on text but he told he was going on a trip and I told him that I was going to be on that city too but never got an aswer. A few days after I text him again and he told he how was his day and so on and I made a comment and the I let the conversation die cuz I didn't see a future on our conversation, the next day I got a smiley face from him and I started the conversation, and told him that I wanted to see him again and he told me that he was out of the city yet and that he didn't know if he was comming back, and i told him well that it was so nice to meet him and I only got an smiley face... which I think it's like he doesn't even care about what I said... so I have decide to move on... but I just wanted an opinion.


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  • His name is Interest. I'm sure his name has not changed.

  • It seems like he likes you but not enough to stay with you.

    • or just not enough to cancel his other plans, does he live far away?

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    • so all he wanted was sex maybe.

    • possibly I can't say for sure... sorry for this hurtful situation.

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