Am I right to think that?

My boyfriend has a lot of female friends, we'e both 18, his friends range from 16-18. Am I right to think that the reason they fawn over him is because some girls take certain things as beams of light? I tried explaing that some girls think that a being overly nice or teasingly mean can be interperted as flirtation. I am in no way questioning his faith here, just wondering if it's realistic to believe that some simple acts of friendship can be interpreted as something more?


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  • If you trust him, that is great, but

    1. is he doing what he's doing because it strokes his ego

    2. is he leading on these girls and encouraging them to think that there is a prospect of more to a relationship with him?

    • No he is a friendly guy, the girls are all mentally unstable, taking anti-depressants or anti-psychotics and such. But they think that his trying to cheer them up when they're crying is a signal for more. These last two have had boundaries so I don't care but I was just trying to explain to him that with these type of girls there really is no winning. They believe a small gesture like him texting "hi" is a hint for more. He has clearly told these girls about me but they still seem to be interested.

    • Yeah, he needs to leave those girls alone. Sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

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  • if u believe in him and trust him... y u have doubts? friends r just friends and nothing more :-)


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