New to online dating. Girls, what should I say in the first message that I send her after seeing her profile?

I just moved to Miami a few months ago to finish my degree and start my Master's program. Dating is Miami is tough if you do not have a million dollars and do not speak Spanish. I am a white guy from the northeastern part of the US and girls here are completely different then back home. So I decided to join a online dating site to meet some new people and I have found some nice women that are more like the girls back home (white and speak English , not looking for a sugar daddy) and value your personality, charm, looks, education, and life goals, more than if you drive a Ferrari or not. My question is this: when I find a girl that I want to send a message to, should I keep it simple to a sentence or two, or should I talk about what we have in common and more things other than your cute and let's hang out? I hope you girls understand what I mean in what I am asking. Or maybe if you were on a dating website what would be a nice message from a guy that would spark your interest? This may sound like a lame question, but I have never done any online dating before. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just say something simple like "Hi, how are you?"

    • Say that... AND something relevant to her profile to show he read it

What Guys Said 1

  • Send a simple 1 or 2 sentence message.

    MAKE SURE to mention something in her profile (something in the middle of it, not the beginning or end), to signal to her that you did read her profile and not just looking for hot chicks to message.


    With as many replies as women who online date get inundated with, it would be silly to waste time sending a whole paragraph the first time! :-P


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