Guys, is he playing games, getting comfortable or not interested anymore? How do I change this?

I met a guy 6 weeks ago. He's 25 and I'm 21. He told me he's a relationship guy and is looking for one but won't settle.
We get along so well and have been on many dates; movies, dinner, coffee, walks etc. We are at the point now where he told me he likes me and he knows I like him and we've been sleeping together but recently in the last week he's become slack with his messaging. He messages me everyday saying hi pretty girl how's your day? Then no reply. Then the same thing the next day hi how was your day? Then this time I might get another reply. I bought it up with him and told him I find it a bit rude and he got annoyed and told me not to get angry when he takes awhile to reply. Now in the last 3 days he hasn't messaged me first. We had plans to go to gold class in a week or 2 so I asked if that was still happening and he said "of course it is :)" then asked when I'm free this week to do something and I told him when I'm free and again no reply? What is going on? He told me previously if he wasn't interested he would tell me but I dont understand what is going on? Help! Is he just playing games? How do I make it stop.. Talking about it made it worse?


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  • he doesn't care to lose you because he got what he wanted, if he would have been friends with you he would have thought about being cold if he valued the relationship. but by letting him hit it before knowing you you let him know your feelings dont matter. so stop sleeping with him now and see if he respects you some more. he will probably flip because you dont want to meet his sexual needs but your not happy with the way he is treating so tell him its not working out. lol some girl did that to me and it worked no lie


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