This girl I know wants a relationship but I don't feel I can give it to her?

its been going on for a while although we have never actually dated , i meet her at the pub in town and we have talked and hung out somewhat over the years , she's back home for summer from school and i saw her and she was jealous when i talked to another girl i like there and also came rate beside me and was up rate close to me trying to get my attention and giving off all the signs of interest , i know she wants a relationship but honestly i don't feel i can give it to her at this time and its not that she isn't a nice girl and attractive its just not what i'm really looking for and is a couple other girls i also know and it be hard to commit to just one person rate now until i have a better feel what i want , any thoughs?


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  • If you don't feel like you can be the best for her, don't do it. Not only is it not worth it to you, it'll be worse for her because she'd be investing her full feelings. If it's not already, I think you need to make it clear to this girl that you're not interested in her that way. This way she'll be able to move on with her life and find someone else. Honesty, although hard, can be the best policy.


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  • better try staying friends,... till u change yer mind? :-)

    • were not even that close I just see her at the bar a lot and have talked to her there before. but we've never really done much I just always knew she was into me

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  • Did she TELL you she wants a relationship? You said you know she does. How do you know?

    • Even IF she's into you which we don't even know how much etc... Doesn't mean she wants a relationship... Not everyone wants a relationship. You don't want a relationship so it's possible for you to Imagine her not wanting one.

      It's odd you think you do t want one but you so easily assume she does when you guys never even talked aboit it. tbh without any more specific Info it sounds like you're projecting what your feelings are onto her. And the whole I'm worried I can't give her a relationship is there to protect your ego in case she doesn't want you... You get to feel like that was your choice.

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    • I wouldn't worry about something that she told happened. She she has not even asked you out. If you don't want a reltiomship and she ends up telling you she does , just be honest with her. Nothing worse than being jerked around when what you should be doing is moving on

    • I'm surprised she hasn't already moved on to be honest as I hadn't seen her for a while and she was away in another city for school ,

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  • Don't date her. You'll be wasting her time if you do.


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