Dating profile content, what's a good interest grabber?

Why I'm gonna do this is beyond me. Thinking of setting up a profile on plentyoffish. I never have faith with online dating but... Now that I got some free time, why not I guess?

Yes pics are super important. Bathroom, dark and sleeping pics aren't gonna win points. That can be discussed later.

Ok anyway, ladies, what really grabs your attention when you read a dating profile? Humor? How can I show charm and personality in profile content?

And guys, if online dating worked for you, tips would be great.



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  • reading something that doesn't sound like made up or fake. i like honest stuff that feels like 'yeah, he means it'. i guess you should just write what you'd be saying about yourself, if an attractive woman was standing in front of you ;)

    hope you find what you are looking for ! best luck ! :)

    • Can you characterize a boring profile? I'm thinking that's why many guys seem to not get dates off of those sites.

    • umm.. can you first say what kind of a woman you re willing to find? ;)

    • Coz what's boring for me, might be fun for others , You know :)

  • Humor is part of charm and personality but not all there is to you I'm sure. Put some of your interests in as well. Be honest and open but leave some things to imagination spark the interest so theyll come to you wanting to know more about you :)


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