How long should I wait before I text her?

We're distance for now and communication is really important for us, mostly the phone calls. It really means a lot for us that we hear each others voice. Last week I was trying to call her but she said not for now because she is busy reviewing for her exam so I gave a space. On the next day she texted me and said "Hey, I'm sorry that I didn't talked to you and replied on your message. I was just busy on this summer class, I always had projects. Tomorrow night we'll talk on phone." After that I felt relieved and unworried. Next day came and she excused again, she said "Is it okay if we just text for now? The person who is assigned on our presentation doesn't care so I am the one doing it." We had a good convo and at the end I said "When can we talk on phone?" She replied "I will text you if we can." But now four days passed and I still had no message on her. I am expecting that she will text on weekend because those are the time she is free, but she did not. I texted her three times yesterday but no reply. She said she will reply so she knows that I am expecting it. I will just keep her word. But guys WHAT IF she didn't replied? Should I text her again? How long should I wait before I text her again? It really worries me. This girl really means a lot.


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  • Don't put a time limit on it, just call her and see if she picks up the phone.

    • I might bug her when doing that.

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  • That's not right. It doesn't sound like she cares too much.

    • I left a message to her this morning and see what will happen. It really makes me upset and I'm not giving her and idea what I feel.

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    • She didn't until now. Maybe I'll wait before the night ends.

    • Hey, the day ended and she didn't replied...

  • Maybe she forgot or was busy

    • Should I text her or just wait?

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