Everyone talks about how this guy is an asshole, but he never is with me?

This is a work situation. There is this guy (call him E) and a lot of girls say he's a douchebag. But he flirts hardcore with them. The thing is I get really jealous by it. He only flirts with them and nothing more. But with me he does a lot for me by helping me with my work, holding doors, having my back with things. He also laughs at a lot of the things I say. He apologizes to me when he says something (if I'm the only girl there), he seems to be cautious. He usually always say bye to me when he leaves. When he says bye I look at him, and we kind of just stare at each other silently. Then he looks like he wants to say something then he just walks away. I was talking to my guy co worker (let's call him F) and guy E looked so mad. F even walked away and looked nervous from the look he received. Then when I would smile at E, he wouldn't look mad anymore. And we would just talk. Supposedly other girls say he's really mean, but he never is to me. So I don't know if that's a good sign.


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  • He probably likes you, and wants to show to you his good side. But if everyone says that he is not a nice person then I would be a bit careful, cause he might pretend to like you in order to get you like him and use you..

    • Nah I don't think he is pretending. He legit is a douche to them. Gives them an attitude

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    • He obviously was jealous. This is a good sign too along with the others you mentioned before.

    • Yay
      Is it weird that the moment I met him that I felt a connection

  • He probably likes you.


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