Girls, Companionship?

Do u guys ever think it is possible to get a good partner on a dating sites including this ours

Am interested if any nd am hopeful..

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I only thought it is meant for nervous personalities, is it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • My aunt found her girlfriend on some dating site. They live together now.


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  • I don't believe in them. But I can tell you that a guy I know got a date at one of the dating sites and is now in a happy relationship.
    I find that guy to be a douche, but hey... ad least he got lucky.

    • A bit of weird opinion, even when u change ur mind now u will still find it difficult to cope in such situation.

    • I didn't get that... what are you saying?

  • It can be possible but likely not so much. You just never know if the person behind the profile is legit. The internet by nature is a distrustful place.

    • There is a way to do different things, it do show if u in such scenario..

  • I found my boyfriend on OKcupid and we've been together for +3 years. :)

    • That is because u know what u want unlike others, thanks to u..

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